I’m Colette Lockett, a Bristol based designer - originally from Manchester, creator of Opposite of Ordinary, focused on creating paper creations for all special occasions!

I’m a bit of a perfectionist, always hungry for inspiration (and food!) and totally obsessed with the kind of excitement that makes the fairies in your heart dance. All my projects so far have been uniquely different, and incredibly personal to each client, but each one has a major thing in common. The most important thing they share is my aim for every one of my beautiful clients to have this same kind of immense excitement in their hearts when they see the finished design!

Towards the end of my master’s degree in Design at Manchester School of Art I was asked by one of my closest friends to design her wedding! I jumped high in the sky at the chance, and still so glad I did, as it was one of the most life changing projects I have ever done!

Opposite of Ordinary was born from this first project as I realised that my creations could bring sooo much happiness to not only the bride and groom but to the people they love most in the whole entire world - their guests! Seeing guests having such an amazing time, watching them take photos of my designs and sneaking items in their bags to keep, really made my heart feel special! This was the moment that I realised that I wanted to do this forever!

When I’m not creating things I dream about having my own screen printing and letterpress machines and love to go on outdoor adventures, eat amazing food, searching for unusual objects and laughing until my stomach and face ache!

I love to work with both people who know exactly what they want and those who have no existing ideas, as each one brings their own unique challenges! The process can be as collaborative as you would like it to be. If you would rather put your feet up and keep your mind focused on finding that perfect dress that's completely fine. If you would like to be quite involved in the idea inspiration stage - that's great too! 

I'm always open for collaboration on creative projects outside of this area too! Just call or email me and we can get some ideas whizzing around!